Our Video Production Company Converts Your Vision into Views

Video is no longer a nice-to-have marketing tool – it’s a powerful storytelling medium that plays a defining role in a successful content marketing mix.

Considering the ROI from video, marketers cannot afford to ignore it.

  • Video in an email leads to 200 – 300% increase in click-through rate
  • After watching a video, 64% of users are more likely to buy a product online
  • 96% of B2B organisations use video in some capacity in their marketing campaigns

At Influence Media, our video content, like all the rest, is strategic, purpose-driven, and based in consumer insight.


How Do We Do Video?


Our experienced team has a keen understanding about the types of video, and when to apply them in your communications mix for maximum effect. From branded content videos that entertain and inform, to testimonial videos that help build credibility, we create high quality content to help you achieve your business objectives.


While videos are the most effective way to market your product, the channel on which you promote them needs to make sense. Whether it’s a 20 second Instagram clip, or a 6 second Vine, we can create promotional content that perfectly showcases your product in shareable bite-sized servings.


Your campaign objectives and marketing budget decide the format of the video. Once we understand your needs, we’re able to create anything from a simple clip showing a day in the life of your startup, or a 2 minute explainer animated video explaining how your community fitness app works. We make your time count.

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Full-Service Production Team

From ideation and scripting, to post-production and sound design, our experienced team is adept at creating visual content that is designed to convert.

Our video production company is skilled at translating your vision into audio-visual magic. If you have an existing in-house creative team or production team, and only want to engage a part of our services, we’re able to make that happen too.

Our company is especially passionate about video production. This is because visual storytelling is the perfect marriage of our skills and expertise.

Our content team crafts innovative storyboards that are designed to illicit an emotional response from your target audience. Our technical team then creates a digital experience that draws your customer in and helps them forge a connection with your brand.

Your brand can harness the power of visual storytelling too.

Our Work

We enjoy working with brands that are as passionate as we are about standing out in a crowd.

We empower our clients to embrace editorial thinking in their business, resulting in content that is aligned with achieving business objectives, and not just a check mark on the marketing to-do list.  

Cake Works by The Cheesecake Shop

Viewed over 97,000 times on YouTube and 75,000 times on Facebook.

SafeSmart Access Content Acquisition Campaign

We worked with SafeSmart to define a content focused lead acquisition strategy.

Sam's Story - Before and After

We worked with Sam, a happy customer to tell a story of transformation and confidence instead of the usual "customer case study". 

New Tiered Pricing Strategy

AllFasteners announces their brand new tiered pricing structure, a construction industry first. 

The Block's Ayden and Jess talk Bathrooms

Highgrove Bathrooms partnered with this charismatic couple for a series of tip videos.

Influence Media helped us take our digital strategy to the next level. The team brings an in-depth understanding of lead generation and how to utilise digital platforms to get results.
— Neil Boland, Digital Marketing Manager



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