Lead Generation Strategy

How do you create a lead generation strategy? You need content that adds so much value that your prospects are happy to exchange their information for access. We call this cornerstone content.

Cornerstone content can take many forms in your content strategy. Put simply, it’s a longer format content piece that offer deep dives into topics and themes relevant to your customers.

Cornerstone content could be anything from a white-paper or ebook, to a digital tool that makes your customers’ lives easier.


Cornerstone content has a long life span. When done right you will continue to cross refer and link to your cornerstone content as your content strategy progresses.

You will also continue to find opportunities to cross-reference and link to your cornerstone piece within future blog posts. This encourages continued exposure and link juice.

Types of Cornerstone Content


Gated (and by this we very simply mean requiring an email before making the content available) content like whitepapers and ebooks are great for building an email database. These are often focused on specific topics and offer deep technical value.


What’s the difference between a whitepaper and an ebook? Whitepapers are generally focused on a specific problem and/ or solution. Ebooks on the other hand can be seen as compilations of whitepapers, offering a broader scope and discussion of complementary themes.


You’ve noticed google’s auto-prompts. Have you also noticed that they are mostly question based? There are approximately 3.5 billion searches conducted on Google every single day. Long format and informative content is a terrific way to help you rise through the search ranks.

These posts don’t simply deliver on their search rank, but help your entire website rank more favourably.


Long form content doesn’t just have to live on your blog. Educational landing pages with key calls to action that drive action are a valuable addition to your digital toolkit.


Have a tool that could make your customers’ digital lives easier? This could be a key point of differentiation. It’s all about offering value.


Once your content strategy boasts a volume of useful and insightful white-papers and long form blog posts, we can start getting really fancy. Shareable content does well in search, and the internet can't get enough data. et enough data.

Influence Media helped us take our digital strategy to the next level. The team brings an in-depth understanding of lead generation and how to utilise digital platforms to get results.
— Neil Boland, Digital Marketing Manager

To Gate, Or Not To Gate? That Is The Question

A balanced content strategy will bring a mix of both gated and un-gated content. Both approaches serve different purposes depending on your business strategy.

A gated offer is an important facet of any lead generation strategy. It’s the attraction that incentives your website visitors to fill out your forms, and convert into leads.

In saying that, we all know that delivering value is good business. Un-gated cornerstone content builds your brand authority, and endears you to your customers.

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