Micro Content: Good Enough to Tweet

Creating valuable, informational content takes time and effort. Research, writing, video shoots, interviews, editing, production, and more - a large portion of a marketer’s time is spent in creating content. Which is why it’s especially frustrating, and a huge waste of money, when it doesn’t lead to increased traffic or conversions.

The social media strategists in our agency tell us exactly why that is. Effective content marketing is one part creation, one part distribution. However, very few brands invest in promoting and managing their content over social media. Of the ones that do, only a fraction go about it in a strategic way.

In addition to being a waste of precious time, this is an expensive mistake.

While measuring the ROI of content marketing may not be an exact science, making your content go a longer way will definitely reduce campaign costs and positively impact ROI.

That’s what micro content does.


What is Micro Content?

As the name suggests, it is short, catchy, bite-sized content that is easy to consume and share on social media.

It includes memes, tweets, headlines, short articles, Instagram videos, Vines, answers on Quora, Pinterest images and other short-form content that exists to drive consumers to a website.

The Importance of a Micro Content Strategy

Micro content can be created far more quickly and easily than long-form content, but it contributes greatly to the latter’s success. As with every aspect of marketing though, a proper strategy is key to making this happen.

Without a strategy in place, it’s easy to lose of the end goal i.e. driving traffic to the website. This leads to brands giving in to the pressure of being across every social media channel, irrespective of its usefulness or their ability to manage it.

You know what we’re talking about; the Twitter feed that was last updated in 2015, the abandoned Facebook account that sends out spam links to your followers, the YouTube video with 37 views, 31 of which were you.

At Influence Media, our team helps you determine the best channels for your micro content. We integrate this into your content strategy so that it is perfectly aligned with your marketing objectives.

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