Content, Brand, and Social Media Strategy

Content, Brand, and Social Media Strategy

The consumer journey used to be a fairly linear one.


Marketers would use their most persuasive content to draw the customer to the website, through blogs, ads, videos, email and social media.


Here’s where you’d offer something of great value to the consumer. A free eBook or white paper (i.e. cornerstone content), perhaps a short series of how-to videos.


You’d supply useful information about your brand, products and services to convince your customer to buy from you.


Now that your customer knows and trusts you, it’s time to close the sale.


A marketer’s work is never done. Here’s where you start to deliver after-sales service, and offer use support.

What’s Wrong with This Picture?

The funnel suggests a start and end-point to the consumers journey on your website or in your store. It shows the consumer narrowing their choices from a vast pool until they commit to one brand.

However, technology has completely changed the way customers make purchase decisions. Their journey is no longer linear, it is cyclical.

They are evaluating and comparing brands even while they’re in your store, or even after they’ve clicked 'sign up!' They read reviews and google you (and your competitors), and consume content across multiple touch points. 

We create a content strategy that helps you and your teams deliver consistently at each of these touch points. 

Content, Brand, and Social Media Strategy

How Do We Create Brand and Social Media Strategies that Work?

An effective content strategy strengthens your brand and inspires trust in your consumer. It attracts prospects, converts them, and earns their loyalty by creating value at every step of the journey.

Our digital content strategists take the time to understand where, what and how your customers want to be engaged. We then co-create multi-media, multi-touchpoint content that can be disseminated through your most engaged channels. How?

  1. We assess your organisation’s digital maturity and analyse your existing channels.
  2. We investigate your industry and your competitors to clearly identify your comparative strengths.
  3. We study how your user interacts with your brand, and draw a path that highlights the points with the scope for maximum influence.
  4. We draw up a brand and social media strategy that is aligned with your organisation objectives. This strategy is one that we re-assess every month, as part of your subscription.
  5. We create a content calendar that helps you publish valuable content frequently, to support your consumer at every step of their journey.

Harnessing the Power of Digital

Our team is a tad obsessed with all things digital. And who could blame us?

It allows us to continually enhance our services. Our favourite thing about digital is that it has created two way conversations. We no longer have to guess what our clients want. We just need to ask them, and listen to their responses.

We do this for each of our brands, too. We don’t assume we know what the consumers want. We ask them, and we then create content that provides them with the information they need to make decisions and solve problems.

Coupled with a strong understanding of customer and user experience, this allows us to create content that your customers actually want to consume and share.

Ask us about our content creation process.

Influence Media helped us take our digital strategy to the next level. The team brings an in-depth understanding of lead generation and how to utilise digital platforms to get results.
— Neil Boland, Digital Marketing Manager


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