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Today, content marketing is (or should be) an integral part of any business to business organisation’s marketing strategy. Content is a defining factor in increasing your online visibility, and a critical part of most customers’ product evaluation process. This could not be more relevant to businesses playing within the fintech space - an industry where trust and credibility is key.


Fin-Tech is getting increasingly fragmented.

This makes it harder to communicate value to your customers. 

We work to distill this complexity into simple value propositions that your customers don’t just understand, but buy into.

From invoice financing through to payments, our clients are creating value for consumers and small to medium businesses globally. We take our job of educating the market on the financial resources they have available to them very seriously.

Not Just Marketers, Masters of Industry

An effective content marketing program requires a set of many specialised skills. Often, the biggest problem with hiring a content marketing agency is everything that gets lost in translation.  

At Influence Media you will work with seasoned professionals who understand compliance, the fragmented space, the value of your partnerships and more. Forget explaining basic concepts as to how your product or service fits into the picture. We get stuck into the meat of how you are creating differentiated value.

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Agile At The Core

Our approach is one framed around testing and learning. Each piece of content we create is part of a larger strategy, and with a clear function within a customer journey.

How do we do this? We bring a mix of search, social listening and voice of customer research into your content strategy setting stage each month.

Then, depending on the plan you’re on, we come back with the theme for the month, and topic of each blog post, white paper or video.

With our subscription service, our team doesn’t just deliver results month on month. They work to optimise, learn and improve your content strategy with regular workshops and retrospectives.

Influence Media helped us take our digital strategy to the next level. The team brings an in-depth understanding of lead generation and how to utilise digital platforms to get results.
— Neil Boland, Digital Marketing Manager

We Keep Great Company

We’re proud of the work we do for you. This means that we work to ensure that the benefits from the content we create extend far beyond just digital. We help you:


Most marketing agencies are acquisition focused. We don't just help you get customers, we help you keep them.


We help you identify unique opportunities and channels that lead to breakthrough growth.



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